Order delays in early July 2015 due to printing machinery upgrade

This is an important message to let you know Indigo2Go will be slow to process new orders in early July 2015 given a change to our production facility.

We are making changes so that we can also handle direct-to-garment (DTG) printing onto dark garments.

This will be an important upgrade to our printing capabilities which will benefit our customers with superior print onto black, navy and red items in particular.

Unfortunately this change will mean delays to orders in this time period as we manage the transition.

At this stage I can’t confirm the exact dates of the upgrade but I wanted to give you advance notice.

For the latest updates please check www.indigo2go.com

Thanks for your understanding,


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Valentines Day I Heart T-Shirts

Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th) is fast approaching. These days giving red roses to a loved one is not the most original gift. Why not create a unique and personalised t-shirt, custom mug or printed hoodie with a photograph or message?

If you are need of inspiration, check out Indigo2Go’s ‘I Heart’ t-shirts and adapt them with the name of your Valentine!

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TOWIE: The Only way is most definitely Essex!

new-series-new-faces-towie-pantone-orangeThe Only Way is Essex is back! Oh how we have missed the ditzy comments of Joey, the on/off relationship of Mark and Lauren (currently Off, and for good apparently!) along with the tans and tantrums of the rest of the cast. Season three is upon us and so far has seen the bafta award winners make a perma tanned, sorry, glowing impression yet again. It seems to be getting a little more ridiculous each week but you can’t help but love it.

From the ‘SHUUT UP  number plate on Harry’s brothers van, to the knicker-clad yoga class, it’s everything you would expect from the Essex partying cast. Notably absent is Amy who has been snapped up by the same management responsible for fellow tangerine Peter Andre. But new additions come in the buff but vertically challenged Greek twins, Dino and Georgio (Could we get our own Stephan in as their triplet?!), Joeys sister Billie, and Lucy’s latest squeeze Mario, who seems to be more of an actor than an Essex resident.

The first two episodes have seen Mr Wright claim to take a vow of celibacy since his split. After spending some teary nights in with the outwardly growing but lovable mate Arg’ , he claims he needs a break from women.

Having seen Mark Wright out in bars and in Marbella, I can confirm he is never short of female attention. Let’s see if he manages his 14 days and 14 nights. We have mocked up a comedy tee at indigo2go (I slept with Mark and all i got was this lousy t-shirt), and why not check out our other towie t-shirts. And I’ll keep you posted on our up and coming trip to the notorious Sugar Hut!

Post by Jo Myronidis; Image via advert in New Magazine

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20% off coupon when you spend £20

Check out our 20% off discount coupon for printed t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, in fact anything on our site as long as you spend £20!

The voucher code is available on Indigo Clothing’s Google Places page and expires next year!

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N.B. Only valid at Indigo2Go and not Indigo Clothing

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Indigo2Go Goes Live on Groupon

The day has finally arrived for the Indigo2Go to be unleashed by Groupon to everyone who has any desire to get £22 worth of customizable clothing for just £8. This is is our first such mass offer and a great chance for those old and new to get their hands on the t-shirt print or custom hoodie that they have always wanted. We also offer a wide range of garments including organic t-shirts as well as customised mugs and mousemats.

This really is a one time only offer and an opportunity to make sure you don’t go through the summer without the customized clothing you need.

OFFER ENDS MIDNIGHT JUNE 16th : http://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/national-deal/indigo-2Go/449357

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Geordie Shore T-shirts

Roll over TOWIE, roll over ‘Made in Chelsea’, its time to get on it like a car bonnet with MTV’s new kid on the block “Geordie Shore”.

If vajazzling and clay pigeon shooting hasn’t been your cup of tea so far then judging by last night’s episode there’s  now drunken nights on the Toon along with hot tub romps to keep you entertained. As the latest bout of reality TV hits the nation’s screens we know that the lads and lasses of Geordie Shore will be sure to give us a proper mint time and show us the best of the North East’s fake institutions (boobs, tans and hair extensions).  Of course there is still time for the show to emerge as a proper stinka but for now we’re willing to give it a shot.

So haway we go, get some Geordie in your life.

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Reem. Look. Smell. Be Reem T-shirts

The latest season of The Only Way is Essex may be over, and Lauren’s engagement to Mark may have gone out with a splash but that doesn’t mean TOWIE love stops there. At Indigo2Go we’ve made sure that you stay reem long after the season is finished with our The Only Way is Essex t-shirt range. There’s a little bit for everyone, Essex Boys and Essex Girls can take their pick but make sure you don’t get jel and have a look through the whole collection.

Reem. Look. Smell. Be Reem. TOWIE t-shirts live on.

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The Only Way is Essex T-Shirts

There is something in the air this time of year, and no its not so much holiday that even the British weather can’t fail to give us SOME sun. Nor is it the climax of the footballing season giving most significant others relief for the summer. Rather it is all about being reem, being tanned and getting your vajazzle on because the Only Way Is Essex.

With the second season well on its way and the whole nation captivated with what really is the most mindlessly addictive television since Wagner stormed the X Factor with a Lion King soundtrack mash-up, there is really only one thing left to do. That is get behind all that is great about TOWIE with our selection of t-shirts. We say that if you can’t beat ’em then wear ’em!

Whether you’re all Essex, wannabe Essex or nevereverwannabe Essex there’s a design to make sure you’re in with the right crowd.

Check out the towie t-shirts and or ‘The only way is Essex’ t-shirts video now.

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Win “Stay On Your Feet” T-Shirt Signed by Ray Wilkins

Stay On Your Feet might have gotten bigger than anyone imagined but it really only started with one man. Luckily this man could see the funny side of things as well which is why Ray Wilkins has signed his very own Stay on Your Feet t-shirt as made famous by Vernon Kay and featured in the Metro. Even better is the fact that Indigo Clothing is looking to give away this t-shirt to one lucky tweeter so that they can own the merchandise that started a global movement.

Here’s how the competition will work:

– Follow @indigo on twitter

– Then retweet “Win Ray Wilkins signed #stayonyourfeet T-shirt #soyfcomp”

– We will then select a tweet at random and send the signed t-shirt to the winner!

– Deadline Wednesday 27th April

Its never been simpler to own a piece of the movement that has got Rio Ferdinand, Robbie Savage and even Fearne Cotton talking.

There really is no other way to stay on your feet, get retweeting now!

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The Day Indigo Went Viral “Stay on Your Feet”

Stay on your feet. On its own an innocuous enough phrase and a sound bit of advice to toddlers from any discerning parent. However  used with the frequency of  ‘and/the/it’  from the mouth of Ray Wilkins during commentary of an internationally televised Champions League football encounter it has transformed into an international phenomenon.  The third biggest topic trending globally on the night of the match. The talk of the town and easily overshadowing the 4-0 loss Spurs suffered at the hands of Real Madrid.

For us at Indigo it didn’t really have any significance initially. A couple of us had watched the match the night before, had noted Wilkins’ commentary, Adam even turned the sound off. No biggie, bit of office banter.

Then the trigger event happened. Read More »

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